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Unless your answer is “I’m a pussy with oneitis,” then you have no rational answer to that question.

The way I define a “long distance relationship” or “LDR” is the following: When I say “easily traversed by car,” I admit we get into a grey area. I refuse to open any woman who lives longer than 50 minutes away from me she’s not expecting me to pay for her gas every time (because perhaps she has other reasons to visit my area), then that’s fine.

Definition of a “Long Distance Relationship” First, as always, we need to get our definitions straight. I personally have always maintained my 50-minute rule.

It makes absolutely no sense and smacks of strong oneitis. Any LDR with a woman beyond an FB means that someone is going to have to hop on a plane or train and travel somewhere on a regular basis.

That means someone is going to have to pay for that.

I know I’m going to get a lot of disagreement about this.

Guys have gotten really good at defending long distance relationships. But hey, as always, it’s your life, and you need to make your own decisions.Some of you guys go back and forth between two locations, alternating every two weeks to several months.I consider these circumstances as unusual exceptions to the rule and don’t really apply that to long distance relationships as I describe above, provided you aren’t paying for plane tickets to fly yourself or her around just to see each other.Monogamous Long Distance Relationships What is the single dumbest thing people do in relationships? Get serious with people they shouldn’t be serious with? At least one of you will cheat, if not both of you, guaranteed. Never, ever, ever agree to a relationship like this. If it’s long distance, you should be allowed to fuck other women, AND you should not be surprised or upset if she fucks other guys while you’re gone. Then either don’t do LDRs or only do open LDRs, with whatever ground rules you and her determine in advance.(Unless the relationship is very short.) By the way, it doesn’t matter if you have a good reason for the long distance. Then why were you getting a blowjob in your tent in Iraq by that female MP? Honestly, normal monogamy is stupid and destructive enough.However when it comes to LDRs, guys in the military are embarrassingly naive. This happens constantly, regularly, over and over again, and I’m always amazed at how otherwise reasonably intelligent men are surprised by this. You also don’t care if it’s months (or even years) between the times you see her. OLTR LDRs are effectively impossible for the same reasons. It’s difficult to maintain a real connection with a woman if you can’t physically touch her on at least a semi-regular basis, meaning once a week or close to it.


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