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Head over to the SFM website for a more complete breakdown of dates and contest rules!The right emo makeup will surely underline your style, so be sure to follow these tips and create fab statement makeup looks every time you desire.


Cute hairstyles for girls are meant to offer you the stylish look you need to benefit from as style doesn't keep count of age. Read More Usually, women are never satisfied when looking in the mirror.

Either they find themselves too tall or too short, too fat or too skinny and the list can go on till forever.

Modeling agencies and the fashion industry in general also prefers your body type. Read More Usually, teenagers draw their inspiration reading fashion magazines and observing their favorite singers and actors.

Still, one must also take into consideration personal preferences and style, and physical features too.

Men and women have turned to tattoos for centuries and it is no surprise why; there is a certain at...

Read More There are a variety of cute school hairstyles for girls for you to choose from depending of personal preference and obviously hair type and hair length.

While the oils cleanse, enrich, energize, nourish, comfort, purify and revitalize the skin, the very artistic packages speak to our senses, the artistic ones. Read More There are so many hot tattoos for girls to choose from it's crazy.

The art of tattooing has evolved greatly during the past years and this allowed more sophisticated tattoo designs to be created.

Some genetically inherited things cannot be changed, but the right clothes can do wonders.

If you belong to the skinnier category, don’t worry, we’ve prepared some fashion tips for skinny girls to achieve a confident, gorgeous result when looking in the mirror.

As long as you first consider your personality and facial traits, you can play and put your imagination to the test tryi...


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  2. I’m a firm believer in dating fictional boys instead of real-life boys.

  3. When Ozzy was only a couple of years old his parents divorced and he moved with his mom to Durham, North Carolina to be closer to his relatives.

  4. Senior health is always a big chat topic for the experienced seniors.

  5. Once you’ve found a chat room site that really captivates you, simply press on the “Visit” button at the far right to talk to strangers instantly.

  6. What she thinks about you: American men are taken about as seriously in Russia as election results.

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