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He will be jailed for 19 years and will face deportation upon his release. “Because you’re in their place and they’re making your life a bit more exciting, so you do what they want. Jerome Joe, 35, of Pightle Crescent, Buckingham, is charged with one count of rape and a single count of sexual activity with a child.

Akbari Khan, 36, of Aylesbury, was found guilty of two counts of rape, administering a substance with intent, and conspiracy to rape and will be jailed for 16 years. Taimoor Khan, 29, was sentenced to three years in prison for one count of sexual activity with a child. Girl ‘A’ said in a police statement: “You get passed round. Sajad Ali, 34, of Brockhurst Road, Chesham, is charged with rape, sexual activity with a child and administering a substance.

Sohail Qamar, 41, of St Anne’s Road, Aylesbury, is accused of sexual activity with a child, two counts of rape, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Faisal Iqbal, 32, of Pixie Road, Aylesbury, is on trial accused of conspiracy to rape and conspiracy to commit sexual activity with a child.

Although child ‘A’, who had been 12 and 13-years-old when she was abused told police she had been raped by at least 60 men, only 11 of the men have faced charges.

The girl and a second, identified only as child ‘B’ had been given gifts by the men, including fast food, drugs, and inexpensive trinkets in return for sex and were passed around.

He said that the Asian community looked after their own, while the native one failed to do so, remarking: “The combination of inadequate parenting leading to rebellious children lacking supervision provided an opportunity.

If they pursued Asian underage girls, they would have paid a heavy price in their community.” Vikram Singh, 45, drugged the girls and raped them, and has been identified as a ringleader. Asif Hussain, 33, of Milton Keynes, was convicted of three counts of rape and jailed for 13 years.

Montoya faces a felony charge of sexual assault on a child.


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