Secrets of dating an older man

I always find this to be such a strange question because there should never be any limitations on who you can and cannot date.Listen, if the girl is 16 I am obviously going to advise against it but if she is legal and you connect, then I play ball!If an older man suspects that you are after him for his money, then he is liable to look elsewhere for a deeper relationship.

The longer you have this belief the longer you will not be dating younger women. Just throw it out the window and stop letting your insecurity about your age be your crutch or defense mechanism.

I can tell you that I have a lot of female friends who prefer dating older men. In the past I had dated men who have been up to 20 years older than me and am now married to a man that is 10 years my senior.

The real question I like to throw back at these men is why are you putting boundaries on what you can and cannot do?

The #1 Secret To Dating Younger Women is to stop thinking about what complete strangers (women) want and start going after what you want.

But there are also plenty of men who are looking for more than that.

They want a partner, someone they can connect with and share their life with.

But sometimes young women get tired of dating men their own age.

As teenagers and young adults, we are still experimenting with relationships and figuring out who we are.

It was brought up every 2 weeks and I could tell that he was very uncomfortable with it.


  1. She asked me to bring one along for her friend and I figured who better than a guy who just did 40 approaches that day.

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  3. And if I ever send one (I have), it will NOT have my face in it.

  4. You will be amazed by the crazy things your eyes are going to see, people posing beside a huge fish, guys with a vacuum cleaner in a hand and a machine gun in the other, old women taking selfies and other senseless stuff that we are sure will make you laugh hard.

  5. They conducted a survey of 433 online daters and found that the longer they waited to meet a match in person, the more likely they were to feel let down.

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  7. They like to be the leaders so for all the independent controlling women out there - you'll have to let him have the power in the dating relationship (he's a good leader, he knows what he's doing, everything he does if for a reason so you don't have to worry about pointless outings and stupid boring dates).

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