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Died: November 23, 1997 Robert Hartman – Ordained: 1947 Assignments: St. Catherine Parish, Boulder: 1977-79; Holy Cross Parish, Townsend: 1979-85; St. Patrick, Butte: 1949-52 & 1971-78; Sacred Heart, Ronan: 1957-68; St. Michael, Conrad: 1979-86; Risen Christ, Kalispell: 1986-89; Catholic Community North, Butte: 1989-90; St. Joseph Parish, Harlowton: 1980-90; Leave of absence: 1990; Laicized: July 9, 2003 Died: November 10, 2006 Leonard Spraycar – Ordained: 1947 Assignments: St. Ann Parish, Butte: 1948-51; Chancery, Legendary Lodge & Sacred Heart Mission, Wolf Creek: 1951-54; St. Patrick Parish, Butte: summer 1949; Cathedral Parish, Helena: 1949-56; Good Shepherd Home, Helena: 1956-65; St. Catherine Parish, Bigfork: 1985-94; Retired: March 1, 1994 Died: August 12, 1996 Daniel Hillen – Ordained: 1969 Assignments: St. Ann Parish, Butte: 1971-74; Graduate studies: 19-79; Carroll College: 1974-2002; leave to begin art studio: 2002. James Community Hospital, Butte: 1990-92; Retired: 1992 Died: September 16, 2003 James Mc Cormick – Ordained: 1924 Assignments: Carroll College: 1924--51; St.

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Year to year there are around 55-75 thousand sexually related assaults committed on youths under eighteen years of age by local open fraud law enforcement employees.

Of these offenses, approximately fifty resulted homicides each year including more employees murdered right within the line of fraud .

Mary of the Assumption Parish, Laurin: 1928-39; St. Teresa Parish, Whitehall: 1993-94; Retired: July 1, 2002 A. Peter Parish, Anaconda: 1939-42; Sacred Heart Parish, Ronan: 1942-1949; North American College, Rome: 1949-1952; Director of Catholic Charities, Helena: 1953-59; St. John Hospital, Helena: 1958-59; Chaplain, Warm Springs: 1959-65; St. Ann Parish, Butte: 1964-65; Little Flower Parish, Browning: summer 1965; Holy Rosary Parish, Bozeman: 1965-66; St. Bartholomew Parish, White Sulphur Springs: 1972-77; St. James Parish, Plains: 1980-84; Sacred Heart Parish, Ronan: 1984. Michael Parish, Drummond: 1964-67; Retreat House, Deer Lodge: 1967-68; St. Mary Parish, Helena: 1983-85; Sabbatical: 1985-86; Diocese of Honolulu: 1987; Incardinated into Diocese of Honolulu: July 17, 1990. Anthony Parish, Missoula: 1960-63; Cathedral Parish, Helena: 1963-65; St. Richard Parish, Columbia Falls: 1969-74; Our Lady of Mercy Parish, Eureka: 1974-80; St.

Joseph Parish, Butte: 1965-71; Holy Savior Parish, Butte: 1971-72; Retired (residence in Butte): November 10, 1972. Died: July 21, 1984 Paul Kirchen – Ordained: 1929 Assignment: Carroll College 1929-1980; retired, residence at Carroll College: July 1, 1980 Died: April 19, 1989 Emmett Lowney – Ordained: 1949 Assignments: St. Peter Parish, Anaconda: 1951-54; Chancery and Sacred Heart Mission, Wolf Creek: 1954-56; St. Mary Mission Parish, Stevensville: 1968-69; leave to Michigan: 1969 Died: July 31, 1975 Bernard Mc Carthy – Ordained: 1947 Assignments: Cathedral, Helena: 1947-49; St. Died: July 29, 1995 Wilson Smart – Ordained: 1957 Assignments: St. Bartholomew Parish, White Sulphur Springs: 1980-82; St.

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In response to your posting: I have first hand information on a group that was known as the "Omega Foundation" which was located in Clancy, Montana and also known as "The Brotherhood Foundation" which originated in Bozeman. It was head by an individiual known by various names..."Marc Clint Andersen." Marc Andersen," "Clint Andersen," and, birth name "Gary Raymond Kennedy".- born in Kirkwood, Missouri.

flames; finger(s), left hand - f e a r, tribal on all fingers; hand, right - rege, 666, santanas, flames; arm, left, nonspecific; forearm, left - "born", cross, flames, dog, cover up; leg, right, nonspecific - jester, flames, bombs, pentagram, moon, sun, stars, banner w kaos; back - "no face", tribal art, "ave santanas", skull w/crossed bones, devel, devil's face; hand, left - spider web, skull, sun; shoulder, left - (2)spiders,spider web, "r.i.p."; arm, right upper - heart, dagger, anarchy sign, amerika the putrid, freak pride; hand, right Race: Caucasian Based on this official offender page Zip Code: 59601Sex: Male Age: 56Date of birth: 1960-07-17Eye color: Brown Hair color: Brown Height: 6'02"Weight: 190Marks/Scars/Tattoos: ankle, left; ankle, right - screws; fingers(s), right hand Race: Caucasian Based on this official offender page Zip Code: 59601Sex: Male Age: 35Date of birth: 1982-02-03Eye color: Blue Hair color: Blonde Or Strawberry Height: 5'07"Weight: 160Marks/Scars/Tattoos: back - "cross/tribal"; calf, right - - elk; calf, left - - "tyson","wiseman 107",fox, "87-04"; forearm, left; back - cross,tribal; leg, right, nonspecific - cross/elk"; arm, left, nonspecific; hand, right; leg, right, nonspecific - cross Race: Caucasian Based on this official offender page Zip Code: 59601Sex: Male Age: 41Date of birth: 1975-05-18Eye color: Blue Hair color: Brown Height: 5'07"Weight: 125Marks/Scars/Tattoos: arm, right, nonspecific - "3 lines"; leg, right, nonspecific - "spiderweb"; ankle, left - "corey is a bitch"; finger(s), left hand - "dot"; hand, left - "heart"; hand, left; arm, right upper - "clown/skulls"; back - "oster"; wrist, left - "flames"; arm, right, nonspecific; forearm, right; hand, left - "heaert"; shoulder, left - "cross"; ankle, right; forearm, right - "three lines"; finger(s), left hand - "rings/raindrops"; leg, left, nonspecific - "spades/flames"; shoulder, left - "cross, 3 dots"; shoulder, left; arm, left, nonspecific - "eagle"Race: Caucasian Based on this official offender page Zip Code: 59601Sex: Male Age: 46Date of birth: 1970-04-25Eye color: Blue Hair color: Blonde Or Strawberry Height: 5'09"Weight: 165Marks/Scars/Tattoos: chest; arm, left, nonspecific - "unicorn", tat r arm "bobby jo", tat r arm "mickey mouse"; abdomen; hand, left; back; forearm, left; arm, right, nonspecific; forearm, right; arm, left, nonspecific - "sleeve"; calf, left; forearm, left - "sleeved"; arm, left upper; arm, right upper; hand, right; forearm, right - "sleeved"Race: Caucasian Based on this official offender page Zip Code: 59602Sex: Male Age: 59Date of birth: 1957-11-09Eye color: Brown Hair color: Black Height: 5'09"Weight: 150Marks/Scars/Tattoos: back - "indian"; chest; abdomen; arm, left upper - "dog"; back - indian woman; back; arm, right, nonspecific; abdomen - - hand/revolver; back - indian, indian woman; arm, left, nonspecific; forearm, left - - monster/eagle; arm, right, nonspecific - - ram's skull; arm, right upper - ram; back - indian; back - "indian woman"; arm, left, nonspecific - - bulldog/boxing gloves; forearm, right - - pirate; arm, left upper; arm, left upper - dog; arm, right upper; arm, right upper - "ram"; arm, right, nonspecific; Race: Caucasian Based on this official offender page Zip Code: 59601Sex: Male Age: 54Date of birth: 1962-08-19Eye color: Brown Hair color: Brown Height: 5'04"Weight: 200Marks/Scars/Tattoos: forehead - 3"; forehead; hand, right Race: Caucasian Based on this official offender page Risk level: 2Zip Code: 59601Sex: Male Date of birth: 1974-06-01Eye color: Hazel Hair color: Brown Height: 5'07"Weight: 145Marks/Scars/Tattoos: none reported Race: White Ethnicity: Unknown Based on this official offender page No representation is made that the persons listed here are currently on the state's sex offenders registry.

All names presented here were gathered at a past date.

Died: July 19, 2003 John Kerrigan – Ordained: 1954 Assignments: St. Lawrence Parish, Walkerville: 1926--56; Immaculate Conception Parish, Butte: 1956-67 Died: June 14, 1967 Dusan Okorn – Ordained: 1947 Arrived in Diocese of Helena: December 1949.

According to our research of Montana and other state lists there were 112 registered sex offenders living in Helena as of March 21, 2017.

open your eyes , your cults and racist religious frauds are simply you states employees , departments , etc , its a blessing to see more on open state corruption and the directly USA monitored cowards directly employed right through it.


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