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The meaning of sex has changed over the years, and what once was used to populate the Earth now has a new meaning.

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Hiring a Richmond sex crimes attorney is important because an attorney can disseminate the evidence and investigate the facts of the case and witnesses.

An experienced attorney will speak with the Commonwealth attorney, investigators, witnesses, and anyone else who has information regarding the case.

An example of someone who cannot give consent would be a person who lacks the mental capacity to do so (due to disability, injury, or intoxication, for example) or a child under the age of 16 years old.

While most people correctly associate a sex crime with some type of physical contact, Virginia also considers certain acts that lack physical touching to fall under the sex crime category.

The facts needed in Virginia to prove that a sex crime occurred depend on the specific type of sex crime you may be facing.

For sex crimes like rape, forcible sodomy, or object sexual penetration, Virginia Code sections 18.2-61, 18.2-67.1, and 18.2-67.2 differ in the specific physical act that must be proven for each crime, but the secondary requirements are the same in that the act must have been against the victim’s will by way of force or intimidation, or with a person who does not have the capability to consent to the act.I know that there is so much this office does and I can see them growing and serving even more, really making a positive impact here in the VCU community!" -Isaiah, Junior, Marketing"The staff at The Well have been incredibly kind and encouraging on my wellness pursuits, whether it is advocacy through Active Minds or my own well-being.Additionally, a sex crimes lawyer in Richmond can review the evidence at hand that the state is planning on using against you at trial.With these types of cases this can include everything from witness statements to forensic and DNA evidence.I fell in love with the Stall Seat Journal before I even started attending VCU.


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