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Is it words, actions, gifts of affection and affirmation? Isn't it obvious I like her by the fact that I can't help keep my hands off her?! Many men will answer under the gun but it might not be the authentic and sincere response you're hoping for.

All of these can be important and nurturing qualities in new and lasting relationships. Also, different people communicate their affections in different ways.

Theresa asks, "I'm dating a guy who enjoys having frequent sex with me.

I really like him but how can I know if he likes me for more than our physical play? "Theresa, thank you for your question – In some ways I'm left with more questions than answers.

Think about how you like to be loved, tell him about it, and see if he can meet you there.

One way or another you'll discover if you're truly compatible in a deeper way.

The man in me wants to simply say, “Ask him,” but I also know that any man presented with that question does an internal, “Oh crap, this must be a trick question... While frequent sex is a clear indication of your man's physical interest in you, gauging his other interests/intentions require paying attention to his actions of affection. Pay attention to the ways your guy connects with you: Lots to consider here.

Answering these questions can give you clues as to how much your lover might be thinking or caring about you beyond the sexual.

Everyone knows this is leading to something serious.

When dating, couples know that talking together is essential.

For further insight, check out relationship counsellor Gary Chapman's book “The Five Love Languages”.


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