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What this might look like for a single mom is setting aside time to read the Bible and pray.

She might think, “I just don’t have time for that between working and raising a child and taking care of the house and everything else.” But if even for half an hour when her child is sleeping or being watched by a relative or friend, she can set aside time to talk to God in prayer and listen to His voice in Scripture, even if it means not cleaning that pile of dishes, she will find His amazing strength and comforting presence will be with her for the rest of the day. Repent of sin, trust in Christ for forgiveness, communicate with God through prayer, listen to His voice through Scripture, lean on God for strength in trials, and put your hope in the amazing eternal life with Him that He has planned. What are the roles of the husband and wife in a family?

If you notice that your friend is beginning to assume the role of a parent and it's distressing your child, have a talk with your friend.

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These examples, and God’s gentleness, apply whether a mother is single or married or widowed or divorced.

God knows each person intimately and knows her situation completely.

The American Psychological Association notes that some of the challenges facing single-parent families arise from parents dating and forming new relationships with other adults.

If you're dating, or if you're considering dating again, you might be wondering how your new romances might affect the emotional well-being of your children.

Sadly, women are often innocent victims of a world wracked by war and terrorism.

Husbands go off to war and never return, selflessly giving their lives for their countries.

Your little one might feel uneasy with displays of affection between you and your new friend.

These feelings can intensify if your friend begins spending the night at your home.

Consider saving such activities for times when your child is not present with you and your friend.


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