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THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT TOOL TO ENHANCE COLLEGE COACHES ABILITY TO EASILY SEE INFORMATION, PERFORMANCE STATS, AND EVALUATIONS OF OUR PLAYERS.Letters to those who have not received notice for the team meetings for this weekend will go out on Friday (02/10/17).He is recovering nicely but he had issues at multiple levels of his spine.

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Those meetings will take place on Sunday (02/19/17) at RSA from noon until 2 o’clock.

The two older teams meet this Saturday (02/11/17) as per the letters already sent.

He has good tools across the board, and will flourish both offensively and defensively at Dayton.

Garrett has been patient in finding the right fit academically, and on the baseball field.

He is to be commended for focusing on getting better and being upfront with interested schools which could not meet his academic needs, as well as refusing to panic, like many players do today, when they read tweets about other players committing.

It’s great when players truly find the fit for them when they are younger and get offers, but it’s foolish to focus on others who are committing before you, and not on getting better and trusting the process.

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Auburn’s staff is universally recognized as one of the top staffs in all of college baseball.

Cade Evans was Coach Butch Thompson’s first commitment at Auburn when he took the job last year.

Auburn has one of the best true "college towns" in all of college baseball as well as one of the best Coaching Staffs and we are excited to have the honor and priveledge to host again.


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