Slow things down dating

It seems to me that Fred freaked himself out which makes me think he has some intimacy issues.

However, here’s what I say to all my over 40 dating coaching clients: So much depends on how you feel about this situation.

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All three are possibilities and you will have an answer, eliminating worry or feeling like you’re in the dark.

Regarding looking for other prospects while dating Fred, I doubt you can honestly say you are open and available.

It may sound cheesy, but if he respects you, he will go at your pace.

And remember, just because you may not be ready to be completely attached at the hip or to experiment sexually doesn't mean that you two can't have a blast really getting to know each other.

But if you want more, you might as well bring it up.

I don’t advise waiting until June – by then you will be very attached to Fred.

He called me several times a day and we saw each other frequently – four or more times per week, spending the entire weekend together. ” Fred was slow to reply but after some teeth-pulling he told me that it was all too fast for him.

Even though he’s been divorced more than 6 years, he was questioning his readiness for such an intense relationship.

If you are happy and feel you don’t need more definition, that’s OK.

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