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SDN aims to forge an extensive network of singles, resources and partners and to create an environment conducive for singles to meet and forge meaningful relationships.

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Singles can consider themselves to be part of an extensive network, which they can tap on to communicate with other singles, sign up for useful courses and interesting activities, or simply access the information made available to them.

For those who wish to have more dedicated services (such as dating packages or personalized introductions), Social Development Network will link them with suitable providers for these services.

For singles who are not existing members, SDN will extend the complimentary offer for the first 1000 sign-ups.

After this promotional period, singles can still sign up and enjoy SDN’s co-payment of $25 for each single.

When it was first established in 1984 as SDU, it functioned on its own, organising activities for its members without the help of commercial agencies.

It was only in 2006 that the then SDU decided on a major change in approach: it let the private sector be the main provider of matchmaking and dating services, focusing instead on accrediting and funding private dating agencies and projects.

The SDU was thus formed in January 1984 to provide opportunities for single men and women to interact socially.

Another objective of the unit was to encourage public discussion about the perceived problem of the large number of better-educated women remaining unmarried.

SDN will extend its basic suite of services to all singles.

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