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Between his hand motions straight out of a Communications 101 handbook, and the fact that it took what seemed to be 20 minutes to reveal two things (You Tube sharing and Play Station TV), Layden laid waste to our attention spans.

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Here are those moments that made us pause, before uttering "Uh..was that? Some 13 years after his last original adventure (remember, 2005's Live and Reloaded was a remake), Rare's foul-mouthed squirrel made (the opposite of) a triumphant return as part of Project Spark's game-maker system.

" The Microsoft E3 press conference gave us a closer look at some impressive games, but the showing wasn't without its strange phrases and awkward moments. So is there going to be a pre-made game featuring Conker?

In between some pretty epic indie announcements, Play Station VP of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes let loose with some pretty groan-worthy jokes on-stage.

Whether it was the string of "bro" puns to celebrate Bro Force or performing the ultimate act of feeding the trolls by acknowledging the existence of Neo GAF, there were more than a few points where we wanted less of the gags and more of the games.

If there's an E3 Hall of Fame, three-time Ubisoft press conference host Aisha Tyler is very likely to be a first-ballot inductee.

She's extremely enthusiastic about games, and isn't afraid to call out moments that are a tad awkward with a bit of quick wit.Here's a few words of advice to any publisher planning on having a live musical number to hype their upcoming motion-controlled dance game: Stop. Whether you have devs playing or trot out E3 celebrities like Usher and Flo Rida, no amount of wacky frolicking will keep the attention of a crowd thirsting for more important reveals.Unfortunately, Ubisoft decided to double down on the dancing and not only filled the stage with gesticulating gamers, but added a bunch perched on adjacent balconies.However, he was there to tell us Grim Fandango is coming to Play Station 4, so all is forgiven. You may have just been unseated as the worst-performing on-stage executive in E3 history.Shawn Layden may have a long and storied history with Sony dating back to Vib Ribbon, but it's pretty obvious he hasn't been on stage at a game conference during his tenure.That said, even Aisha had trouble traversing the minefield that was the awful segues of Ubisoft's 2014 press conference.


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  6. Of course, it’s part of the culture of science that legitimacy requires the maintenance of a bordering-on-Calvinist front, but consider that when I interviewed (with Surfdaddy Orca) Ray Kurzweil for magazine a few years ago, and suggested that the idea of utopia might involve people feeling good and being happy, he immediately leapt to a vision of people hanging around all the time on a morphine-like high.

  7. I signed up immediately, but the experience came with a trade-off: There interesting guys on these apps but also thousands more profiles to sort through.

  8. Read more GENEVA, March 23 — Last week, Montblanc became the first brand in the Richemont family of luxury companies to put out a smartwatch.

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