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For those visitors not particularly knowledgeable or experienced in the art of salsa dancing, there is arguably no better way to educate yourself in the dance style than to witness first-hand the impressively-quick steps and skipping motions performed by the Feria de Cali’s talented dancers.

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Speed-dating is also shallow, but it’s more like going into the actual store.

It allows you to look at all sides of the product before committing to it.

I spend half an hour setting up the room, putting café numbers on the tables, and writing out name badges.

Then the daters arrive, in ones and twos, slowly filling the bar.

Exclusively brought to the city during the six-day festival period, these wide-ranging outdoor food huts treat famished spectators looking for a more traditionally-Colombian experience to (warming chicken stews) among numerous other national delicacies.

For tourists looking tospend a slightly less conventional, but certainly not regrettable, Christmas this year, why not take a trip to Colombia’s Feria de Cali and see how an entire city transforms into a colossal salsa-orientated outdoor party!

Speed-daters, by contrast, have on any given night around 10 potential matches.

The only preconditions are that they have all paid some money, dressed up a bit, come to a bar in town, and pinned on a name badge.

Her friend, Woman Number Six, quickly corroborates.“She is.


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