Speed dating fort wayne

In honor of Valentine's Day, Ken and Nicole relate their experiences and offer a bit of commentary about their dozen dates.

Nicole's Take: Fun -- but try enduring nearly 30 dates in less than three hours Two minutes.

But it can also be the perfect way to dash all your hopes if you get zero matches.

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I soon found the most important part of the event is the group mingling before the event.

For about a half-hour, all the speed daters talked to each other in a lounge setting while enjoying cheese and wine samplings.

I asked each date a standard question: what do you do in your free time?

By the end of the night, I was getting tired of asking the same question all the time, but it at least gave me a clue about what the man across from me was like.

I was dismayed at some of the responses (such as "hanging out and going to the bars" or "sleep"), although it made eliminating the guy much easier.

Some of the men had really good answers, like hiking and attending IU Jacobs School of Music events.

And it turned out that two minutes was all that was needed. I came to the graduate speed dating event with no expectations, except to find no more than 20 other graduate students actually there. The group was as diverse as the Indiana University graduate programs are.

There was no shortage of international students, 30-somethings and 20-somethings, from all different programs and walks of life.

There were many graduate students who were over 30, a little too much of an age gap for a 23-year-old, and a lot of women with thick accents.


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