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St Valentine is said to have been martyred in Rome in 269.

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It's gotten to the point that we don't even bother to correct people anymore. It also doesn't do us any good to fight against it.

The energy of this relationship seems to transcend it's individual components, the 'we' being far greater than the individual "I".

It's interesting how that situation usually involves one or the other of our children.

Our children love us both equally, and truth be told we love each other's children as much as our own, and yet we're not partners in any usual sense of that word. People ask me all the time about this notion of soulmate.

Nothing like a pair of soulmates to turn everyones life upside down.

All parties live to a ripe and full old age and Raphael eventually tells Tobit and Tobiah the truth about himself, and then ascends into heaven.This in spite of the fact we look nothing alike and come from totally different backgrounds.This tendency to see us both as one unit has been validated over and over again by Native healers and spiritual practitioners.That's the thing about real soulmates, it's not about sick syrupy love, it's about relationships which expose you to your own truth.These are relationships which take you beyond yourself and your comfort zones and very often become incredibly threatening in their intensity.The book of Tobit is sort of an angelic soap opera, but it's also a treatise on the importance of self giving in the scheme of things.

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