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Ask any expatriate, exchange student, fellow traveler, or even the guy selling strawberries down at the Saturday market, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: Swedish women are confusing, even more so than… I’ve gone on a few dates here, and every time found myself more and more perplexed. They’re well-educated, know exactly what they want in life, and usually speak with an accent that makes us men melt every time we hear it. Allow me to illustrate by sharing my personal experiences. stereotype that Swedish women go crazy for American guys, and let my friends do the rest to inflate my ego to levels perhaps only rivaled by Muhammad Ali or Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself.

well, there might not be anything more confusing than Swedish women. Oh, and did I mention almost all of them look like they should be modeling somewhere? I’ll admit I’ve always been a little nervous courting the opposite sex, probably due to watching – as God is my witness – more romantic comedies than quite possibly any other heterosexual male on earth. I was young, I was in good shape, and I was American: when I arrived in Sweden, the ladies wouldn’t stand a chance.

That said, the inauthentic nice guy is super unattractive.

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That said, I can’t deal with men who are always trying to compensate for their stature. I can already hear men rallying against Spanx, wonder bras and weaves as I type this… Men who don’t care about their health: I’m not perfect: I don’t exercise as much as I’d like (I used to be a distance runner), and sometimes I fall short of my diet objectives (fried chicken is my weakness), so I’m not expecting to date a man who is the pinnacle of health, but if a man has beer for breakfast and cigarettes for lunch, there’s a strong chance I might be repulsed by him.

As I get older, I’m becoming more interested in partnerships that have potential to last a lifetime.

It’s loud and embarrassing, and — sometimes — it’s better than sex.

I will never find a man that can’t make me laugh attractive.

It’s been a pretty popular piece here on SBM, but it has always needed a reply from a woman’s perspective.

Guest writer, Patia Braithwaite was gracious enough to leave us this post in reply. J I know we don’t know each other all that well, but allow me to confess: I’m a jerk.As a result of my snarky brutally honest ways, I found it hard to think of unattractive qualities that I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with my my partner.Typically, if I don’t like something I share it (which is why I’m single), but — in an effort to remain honest and authentic — here is a list of deal breakers I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing: 1.Laughter may seem silly to some, but it’s a necessity for me.Life is too short and I can be far too serious — laughter reminds me to chill out. The Inauthentic Nice Guy: I love genuinely nice people: they smile, they are attentive, and they make the world a better place.Also, a lack authenticity of any sort is unattractive for me. Men who suffer from “little man syndrome”: See, I’ve dated guys who were short. I throw on heels , they come up to my neck, and we ride out. Good things can come in small packages, and I’m open to accepting all packages, as long as their good enough (pun intended). Men who can’t defend themselves: I know I’m going to catch flack for this, but I don’t care. We’ve all been deceived by a man who was gorgeous with his hat on, but looked crazy when he took it off.


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