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Sixth: Check out our newest page, SXM's top timeshares and smaller hotels.

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Wifi internet can be accessed in some areas in the north of the island and in Terres Basses.

You can also access the internet at one of the many internet cafes on the island.

Avoid eating fish until you have consulted the proper authorities, especially if you have caught the fish yourself.

Large fish ( 1 kilo) have the highest count of these toxins.

The vast majority of hotels have internet access, as do the Marinas.

It is possible to bring pets to Saint Martin, but you must consult your host to ensure that your pet is welcome here. Situated between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, Saint Martin receives the full force of the Caribbean sun.Since 2003 Air St Maarten specializes in organizing commercial flights, private charters, shared charters, budget flights, helicopter services and other forms of transportation for our discerning clients.. Approaching 300 discounts and other benefits across St. Emails must be received within 24 hours of the 5,000,000th visitor number appearing in the hit counter. Martin Weather & Forecast: First: Check out our JMB Website Supporters ISLAND DISCOUNT PROGRAM. Go here for more info, or scroll down to "Fifth" to see membership highlights. When you see the number 5,000,000 in our hit counter PHOTOGRAPH THE HOME PAGE including the hit counter and send it to us by email along with the exact date and time you saw the number; your full name, physical address, city, state, zip, the email address that you have subscribed to , and your phone number. The entry must be 100% complete to be accepted; all entries subject to verification. In case of duplicates (computers are not perfect), the first correct verified entry wins. Like on the rest of the planet, • To call Saint-Martin : 10-digit number • To call Sint-Maarten- Landline : 00 1 721 54 5-digit landline number - Mobile : 00 1 721 55 5-digit mobile number • To call USA : 001 state code number• To call mainland France : 10-digit number • To call Saint-Martin : - Landline : 00 59 10-digit landline number - Mobile : 00 59 10-digit mobile number • To call Sint-Maarten : 7-digit number • To call USA : 001 state code number• To call mainland France : 00 33 10-digit number Internet service providers: Orange Caraïbes, Dauphin Telecom, Médiaserve and Caribserve.

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