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You don’t get to the top of the cheerleading pyramid without pulling a few ponytails along the way, and Tay Tay has her fair share of pissed-off exes and sworn enemies.

Aubrey’s 30th was likely billed as an opportunity to celebrate all the rapper’s achievements, from overcoming fake paralysis to making turtleneck sweaters great again.

So imagine the world—and Drake’s—surprise when the Los Angeles fete turned into the unofficial launch party for Draylor.

The compression evens out a lively attack for a more linear response.

Mahogany tops deliver strong fundamentals with clear and direct focus.

And if the two stars hug hard enough, and/or employ enough “anonymous sources,” they just might produce an article like this one.

Many of you may have been wondering, “What is Taylor Swift up to these days?Even more miraculously, she’s marketed “Taylor Swift” as a sweet, guileless ingénue.Before the world could say “acoustic guitar,” the unassuming teen was sitting on a pop empire.Instead, she attended jury duty, pity texted Calvin Harris, and plotted her revenge. Taylor Swift may or may not be a reptilian creature who feeds off Martha Hunt’s blood and her ex-boyfriends’ tears. Swift can sell anything, from a relationship with Calvin Harris to an EDM collaboration with Calvin Harris.A world away, the artist formerly known as Aubrey Graham successfully gaslighted Rihanna into a short-lived relationship. She’s successfully branded everything she touches, from heartache to country music to her own female friendships.” This is the kind of errant, harmless thought that fills our meaningless, plebeian Octobers, as we mindlessly refresh our Twitter feeds and plot our triumphant Ken Bone Halloween costumes.


  1. But by far the most common compliment Japanese women paid to their foreign guys was how impressed they were by their romantic streak.

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