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"It's a daunting challenge, but after meeting with the staff, and knowing they fully grasp the vision of the Cains and the Salvation Army, I'm completely reassured," Terry, 55, said.

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Wood's brain had been badly damaged and was dangerously swollen.

A piece of skull about 10cm x 10cm was removed to release the pressure.

The Cains, who have two children and two grandchildren, arrived in Camden in 2007, after the Kroc donation commitment was announced.

"We had this big task in front of us," said Paul, 54, who has been married to Alma for 33 years.

The Camden Kroc embodies "who the Salvation Army is, and what we are here to do," said Susan, 58, who once worked as a visiting nurse in North Philadelphia.

When he learned of his parents' new assignment in Camden, "my son said, 'this is where the Salvation Army needs to be,' " she added.

"We'll be picking up the mission the Cains have implemented," Terry said, sitting beside his wife of 23 years in the Kroc boardroom.

"We want the transformation to continue." The Woods, who have two grown children, served in the Salvation Army community center in Philadelphia in the 1990s, and most recently in suburban Columbus, Ohio.

(ED HILLE / Staff Photographer) But the arrival of Majors Terry and Susan Wood and the departure of Majors Paul and Alma Cain is big news for the city and region.

The reason is the million, 120,000-square-foot Camden Kroc Center, a magnificent complex of recreational, human service, and worship facilities that has attracted 7,000 members - and a visit from President Obama - since opening in October.

But from start to finish, the Cains steered the project, made possible by a million donation by Joan Kroc, widow of Mc Donald's magnate Ray Kroc.


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