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is premiering on MTV, and we’re stoked to see another lesbian cast member on the reality television institution. As the only girl on my high school’s football team as well as a lesbian, I remember not wanting to feel judged, and I don’t think I was because I played a good game. I go for straight women because I like the challenge. Straight girls appeal to me because they’re something I want that I can’t get. Set in Chicago, this season is bound to bring the drama with a wild new twist. AE: Did you see any similarities between yourself and Ari (another out lesbian and self-described player) from last season of ? I thought that her girlfriend was very attractive, and I think Ari and I could be friends.

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They filmed 2003’s Gauntlet as a couple, but by the time Alton reappeared on The Gauntlet 2 in 2005 he was single. Danny & Melinda (5 Years) The prime example of a love story, Danny and Melinda immediately clicked while filming Real World Austin in 2005.

They got engaged at the reunion and appeared on Fresh Meat and The Gauntlet 3 as an engaged couple. When Danny appeared again on The Ruins and Fresh Meat 2 he said he was happily married to Melinda, but when Melinda returned for Cutthroat in 2010 she said she was going through a divorce.

The "Challenge" vet, who impressed with her resolve across "Free Agents," will front a new TLC show that aims to clean up the cloudy world of Internet dating.

And according to People, her soon-to-be co-host, former "What Not To Wear" guru Clinton Kelly, wouldn't want anyone else by his side.

Filled with ups and downs, they finally called it quits in 2012.

By the time they filmed Battle of the Seasons they were exes. In 2011 they continued their relationship by posed as exes for Battle of the Exes.

I’m one of triplets, and they’re both straight and both getting married, but everyone was extremely supportive. NZ: Yes, because I think my game is on point, and I don’t think I’ve ever messed up.

Obviously I cheat, but at the end of the day if I’m with you, I’m still with you, and that makes them feel comfortable.

This ended the dreams of many Real World fans, but they appeared together on 2012’s Battle of the Seasons and seemed to be civil, so at least they’re friendly.

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