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Its main ingredients are Bamboo Water & Baobab Tree Fruit Extract, which help provide moisture and Witch Hazel Extract to help soothe your skin.

When you press down on the cushion, the liquid formula is released.

To apply the product, you can use a polyurethane puff that comes with the compact.

They are also easier to carry with you for touch ups. Our team has set out to find the 10 Best Korean Cushion Compacts 2017. Missha has become a famous brand not only in Korea, but also worldwide. The Missha M Magic Cushion contains ingredients help to against aging wrinkles and prevent from sun damaging (with SPF50 , PA ).

The Missha cushion provides a moisture matte and natural shine on your skin without buildup.

The Face Shop oil control water cushion definitely works according to its name. More than that, it is also waterproof and can last for almost a day. It is shine free by controlling sebum, which is an oily or waxy substance that is secreted by exocrine glands. You may need to have nice skin to use this cushion, as it doesn’t cover blemishes well.

However, you can build up the coverage with this cushion without looking very cakey.For warm tones, use 4 BO Ginger, which is used to balance out yellow or reddish skin.BY Linen promotes a natural pure skin tone with its natural beige color with a tint of yellow.5 BY Sand is a mild beige that evens out dull or reddish skin.A package of the Clio Kill cushion comes with a bottle of cushion refill. It prevents sebum and leaves your skin soft and radiant.Used as a light makeup, it will provide long lasting results, up to 12 hours, even in hot humid weather.


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