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Karen crossed her legs and seemed to study Carol for a few seconds before speaking; "I understand you're a school teacher? " Karen inquired rather intently, tossing her hair lightly over a shoulder. How could this stranger know her age and profession? She was very uncomfortable, but there was a faint, almost imperceptible warmth spreading within her that was alarming. Carol was taken aback and drew in a deep breath to respond. She shook her head, trying to clear the confusion away to regain her self control.

Karen gently closed the door behind her with a wry smile on her lips. She strode through the kitchen and into her enclosed sunroom, taking the cordless phone off the wall and carrying it with her.

She kicked off her heels and tossed her jacket on a side table.

Carol was a forgiving person and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt in almost every circumstance. Carol assumed she had important plans for later in the evening, and she felt a little embarrassed to be so underdressed in her white shorts and red tank top.

Karen was a bit taller than her, but seemed friendly enough. Karen welcomed her into the home and motioned for her to proceed into the living room, off to the left.

The pastel yellow leather couch was one of her favorite places to relax.

She hadn't been home for long, but it sure did feel like home compared to the places she'd been the last nine months.

"I teach high school on the base." She started to ask, "What about you? She stepped forward and took it, trying to sort out in her mind how to break out of the bizarre situation she found herself in.

"There are things in that envelope that are very important to you right now.

Not that she had a lot of brainwork to occupy her time.

There was only a week of school left where she taught high school math at the Naval Base in Mayport, Florida.

It was as though she had no doubt that Carol would agree, like she was taking Carol for granted.


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