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Indeed, this is a woman who would have the courage to love a younger man,” says Winter.So Madonna may have famously flamed out with former husband Guy Ritchie, but that’s not to say that things won’t work out with Zaibat.At a mere 10 years younger, perhaps Ritchie was just too old for her.

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I believe that if we had taken our time, that things wouldn't have fallen apart so quickly as they did.

We both needed time to adjust to our new roles, which we didn't do.

Then there was Ashton Kutcher who stepped out with a 23-year-old, leading Demi Moore into a whippet-induced 911 scandal. “In the hundreds of cases I've researched, the couples I know and with whom I've worked, there is love and fidelity,” she says.

Besides, these younger men usually have little reason to stray.

To avoid this, it's key that he is seeing a third party or that he has moved on so you can focus on having a good time.

By moving in together within the first month, we both took a lot on.

TIP 4: Make sure that you are both in a financial situation that you can do fun stuff together.

Because he was paying for his kids and didn't earn a huge pay check, this liimited what we could do with our time together.

Meanwhile, the younger man is still in a stage of robust sexuality and more apt to explore his desires with a currently open and willing partner.


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