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She believes that this information is more than pertinent to her decision to take her children to the park, where they may need to use the toilets.

Not even men who use public toilets as a sex venue, surely, could argue that it is not!

A recommended time for two, in shopping complexes in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, is immediately after school.

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Whether your need a single portable loo for a small function, or several toilets and disabled loo facilities for larger events, our experienced team can give you advice on the best portable toilet facilities available at a price that fits your budget.

oilets are probably the single most used plumbing fixture in your home.

With all the use your toilet gets every day, you’ve got other things that could go wrong: All of these things are signs they’re something wrong with your toilet, meaning it’s time to call in the plumber! We’ll help you fix whatever is wrong with your toilet.

It’s the best way to protect the most-used room in the house.

It’s no surprise, then, that the toilet is one of the primary places you’ll develop a toilet repair or drain clog problem.

Do you have any idea how much water you can waste each year with a leaking toilet? That’s a lot of water literally going down the drain, not to mention all the money you’ll end up wasting on an extra-high water bill. Here are the three primary causes of leaking toilets: Visible warping or rust — After a few years of exposure to water, the metal components in your toilet tank will rust or warp with regular use.

Old parts –– Remember the rust, warping, and wear caused by age?

Toilets with parts over five years old are far more prone to leakage.

It is a sophisticated website listing public toilets and other areas where homosexual men meet for sex, and the mother of young children was horrified to read that the toilet in the park she visited often with her children was on the list.

Croudace Bay Park, at Lake Macquarie, and the mother had been directed to the site,, by another parent who'd warned her to be especially watchful of her children on the picnics in the park.

Bleach exposure –– The water in your toilet tank may already be hard-water or filled with sediment, but when you add an in-tank cleaner (filled with bleach to sanitize your toilet bowl), the bleach can wear away at the toilet parts.

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