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Once you have built the JNI dll, you must now build the Quick FIX java API. A jar file name will be placed into your lib directory.

Quick FIX uses GNU autotools (autoconf, automake, and libtool) in conjunction with make to build on unix systems.

The example applications are a good place to start for writing an application.

Quick FIX comes with a and a few files for building under Dev Studio.

The Build category might be the setup of a development machine that uses the Quick FIX library.

All three should be installed for a developer intent on modifying the Quick FIX library code itself.

Below is a list of tools that Quick FIX is dependent on for various uses.

The uses are split into Run, Build, and Test catagories.These respectively refer to what is necessary to run a compiled Quick FIX application, what is required to compile Quick FIX from the source, and the tools needed to use the automated testing framework.The Run category details what might be the setup of a deployment machine.The scripts will try to generate the database using the root My SQL account with no password.If you need to use a different account or need a password, you will have to edit the script.If you are using the SUNPro compiler, you will need to set the following environment variables: CC= AR_FLAGS=-g -xs -xar -o After succesfully building Quick FIX, you should run make install as root.


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