pashtopsex - Top dating coaches

Whether you’re a PUA, Dating instructor, newbie, or just a curious visitor, this is an invaluable PDF resource for dating and pick up.

When you’re playing the dating game, a coach can also help you get better.

Bragging Rights: featured in more than 400 media outlets Dating online throws some new rules into an already tricky game – that’s where Davis has you covered.

In any case, PUA Lingo doesn’t discriminate – whether the idea/term is from a misogynistic coach or one that spreads love, the idea itself is pure and therefore deserves recognition in the online halls of fame and exist as free, useful information for anyone who is learning.

Without further ado, here we go for 2013’s best Dating Coaches: #12.

I also love doing my weekly podcasts and communicating verbally so that people can hear my voice and better understand what I mean.

There is also the independence of being able to work when and if I want to, from wherever I am. I've worked for myself almost all my life since the age of 21.

Ross Jeffries School: Speed Seduction | Website: | Founded Since: 1991 Where would we be without Jeffries?

The pioneer of NLP techniques incorporated into seduction, he has single-handedly transformed how to meet women back when no one else was around.

The advent of Style, Mystery, and the Internet probably wouldn’t have been as cool without his precedence. Psych (Tao of DJ Fuji) School: Tao of DJ Fuji | Website: | Founded Since: 2009 You guys probably think I have a homo-fantasy with DJ Fuji by now so for once I’m going to leave him off the list and instead focus on the up-and-coming Psych.

Psych, from what we have heard, is a stop-notch instructor who is dead-on in giving students the directly feedback that they need to mend the holes in their game.

Psych brings integrity and the fundamentals back into pick-up at a time when the community desperately needs it.

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