Transas updating

This format can compress large amounts of navigational data to a size that makes online transmission rapid and reliable.

Transas WMS incorporates the company’s renowned TX-97 chart collection and guaranteesfast and reliable chart viewing service with a worldwide coverage.

Developers of custom mapping applicationswith web access features can now use Transas TX-97 map tiles.

These data layers include tropical storm tracks, GPS drifter data, Loop Current and eddy fronts, satellite imagery, and forecast charts.

Once the Horizon Marine WMS has been added to an end user’s GIS, the layers continually update, eliminating the need for clients to add new layers just to update their maps.

Transas Marine launched its latest ship security alert system Ship Guard 4 SSAS, utilizing the Sky Wave Isat Data Pro transceiver.

The Isat Data Pro(IDP) series operates on the Inmarsat I-4 constellation which provides improved network speed.

A ' Google' style map slider bar has been added allowing scaling through the charts in three ways: zoom slider, mouse wheel scroll or manual selection from lower task bar.

Vessel information panel on the left of the display can be hidden, providing a full screen chart display for presentation views.

Offered at a significantly reduced price, both options provide all the necessary equipment for establishing an IMO acceptable set-up on the bridge including the Transas Gateway for secure data exchange and set-up to operate the Pay-As-You-Sail service.

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