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Often, there are distinct patterns of several good and bad growing years in a row.

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See the cal BP discussion for additional information about radiocarbon calibration.

Tree-ring dating works because a tree grows larger--not just height but gains girth--in measurable rings each year in its lifetime.

Because of that precision, dendrochronology is used to calibrate ​radiocarbon dating, by giving science a measure of the atmospheric conditions which are known to cause radiocarbon dates to vary.

Radiocarbon dates which have been corrected--or rather, calibrated--by comparison to dendrochronological records are designated by abbreviations such as cal BP, or calibrated years before the present.

We provide a few examples to demonstrate the broad range of work and research we undertake, give a summary of results, and provide a bibliography of published books, academic papers, and general articles.

As I posted previously, planetary magnetic fields give us strong evidence for a young solar system and a young earth.Nevertheless, from all accounts I have read, Methuselah gives no indication of being anywhere near death.Why is it, then, that the oldest living tree is less than 5,000 years old, at least as far as dendrochronology is concerned?Thin rings indicate poor growing conditions like not much rain, a very cool spring and summer, etc.So…a series of thick and thin tree rings denote a series of good and bad growing seasons.Now I have two trees that, when the master tree ring patterns are overlapped, cover a total of 6,500 years.

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