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Musictube is an easy to use music player that sources its tracks from You Tube.If you love using You Tube to look up music to listen to, you're going to love this music player.Extra Features;√ Full i Phone and greaters support!

You can also enable the video of the song to be played in a box on the bottom right. There is also a full screen mode that lets you enjoy your music distraction free.

In use, Musictube worked fairly well but initial start up can be a little slow and buggy, sometimes freezing for a minute.

It's a really good app it plays offline and that's awesome but I can't get on other apps when my music is playing in the background it always crashes my apps and sometimes the app itself freezes up and I'll have to cancel it and I'll try to get back on and it crashes and I have to wait a little while to open it up again and it'll do it a couple minutes later.

I paid 2.99 for premium and it shouldn't do this :) please fix this Nuff said in the title, I mean you literally can't get any better app on the store.

The free version allows you to store up to 15 tracks in the library.

Even if your library becomes full, you can simply delete some old tracks and save new ones.

Some amplifiers don't have enough range on the bias pots to handle the range of tubes so that selection must be made from a particular part of the curve to achieve bias.

In the "good old days," I'm told, the spread of values was much less, allowing reasonable performance with random selection.

And it doesn't show the picture of the album on the lock screen or inside the app (which doesn't really matter, but it'd be nice if it did).

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