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When I told my friends where this one was located, they all cautioned me about going. It was perfect because it made me look both smart and sexy at the same time. My heart started to race again as a cock was position by my still gaping asshole.

Even my own Mother was worried and told me that I shouldn't go alone, that I should take one of my friends. I rounded the ensemble out with my sexiest black high heels. You'd might as well both go home." Said the tall girl. As it was worked into my tight never before fucked anus, now I needed to scream but before I could let out a peep another big black cock was stuffed into my open mouth.

But by the time I was 19, I'd still only had sex with one boyfriend. Barry and I were together for about f******n months when I was 17 and 18, and we only had sex about four different times during that time. The only difference between the two of us was that she was wearing purple colored stockings as opposed to my blue ones.

I entered that door and walked over to the receptionist. She was filing her nails and chewing gum rather obnoxiously. They were doing an ass-to-mouth chain, and this is how it went for the next two hours; two-minute intervals of big black cock after big black cock stuffed in our asses and down our tiny throats. They fucked my ass so deep and hard that each one began sliding in and out with ease balls deep.

The other was a short longhaired blonde who was wearing a yellow knee length sundress. My throat was opening up wide too, so much so that I began taking all of their man meats as deep as they would go tickling my nose with their pubic hairs.

I could never blame the boys for staring though, my breasts are 36DD's and I always wore some type of short skirt to school showcasing my shapely legs. Before I could think of anything else the door opened and a light was turned on. When they all had shot their loads, one man walked over to the wall and pushed a bell that was there on it. She was also exhausted like I was and her torso was covered in sticky white cum from her tits to her stomach.

Because of those good looks, all through high school I was afforded many dates from many different boys. A tall muscular black man walked in but it wasn't Mr. Everything was the same, bound, gagged, legs held high in the air, and fucked thoroughly.

Barry and I broke up when I had decided to skip college and stay in California to begin my modeling career, while he went east to attend Trenton. Richardson of BMA: b*****rs Modeling Agency located in one of the more seedier parts of LA. After parking my car in a parking lot adjacent to a building with a sign on a corner door that read BMA, I walked to my destination. Just then the office door opened up and a tall thin black man in a three-piece business suit appeared holding a clipboard in his hands. I took a sip of the ginger ale and immediately I began to feel dizzy..that's the last thing I remember. As I did, I noticed that my legs were spread apart and also tied down. There was something in my mouth so I couldn't speak. They then formed a large circle around the two of us this time with cocks dangling at our heads as well as between our legs.

Little did I know what a mistake that my decisions to stay home would turn out to be. This was to be my fifth different modeling interview and it was with the fifth different modeling agency. As I had in my previous four interviews, I wore a plain black business blouse and skirt combo that was both a little provocative, and a little conservative. ******* Several hours later I began to awake, but I was not in Mr. It was a little dark and I had a slight headache, but when I tried to bring my hand to my head I couldn't. The gags were then removed from our mouths but they had been in our mouths for so long that screaming wasn't possible because of the dryness and soreness.

As I sat down, She was the first one to speak to me. I had never swallowed semen before let alone this much of it all at once. When they had finally finished, I heard another bell ring.

My k**napper leaned in close to my head and whispered into my ear. This went on for about two straight hours with each man taking two to three minutes fucking me over and over again. After a while the pain subsided and it actually started to feel good. At the very end of it all each man jerked their thick white sticky loads all onto my stomach and tits. As we entered the next room I noticed that there was another chair like mine in it.

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