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In the email we send, clicking the Confirm now button lets us know the email address is yours.Note: If you do not complete the confirmation process above, your email will remain in an unconfirmed state.

Updates the authenticating user’s current status, also known as Tweeting.

For each update attempt, the update text is compared with the authenticating user’s recent Tweets.

Note: Each time the email address associated with your Twitter account is updated, we will send an email notification to the previously-used email address alerting you of this change.

For more information on these types of alerts, read our Account security tips article.

Note: This parameter will be ignored unless the author of the Tweet this parameter references is mentioned within the status text.

Therefore, you must include If you upload Tweet media that might be considered sensitive content such as nudity, violence, or medical procedures, you should set this value to true.

While not rate limited by the API, a user is limited in the number of Tweets they can create at a time.

If the number of updates posted by the user reaches the current allowed limit this method will return an HTTP 403 error. There are some special commands in this field to be aware of.

The advantage of this app is that it's selective, it only updates FB if your tweet ends in '#fb'.


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