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Among the funds raised was a ,000 grant awarded by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

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Emma topped her preppy airport look off with a black leather backpack and minimal make-up, not to mention a superb pair of miniskirt-ready pins.

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It is fitting that her beautiful gown would end up in the Museum’s collections since son, Charles Cotesworth was one of its founding members.

More about the conservation work: Conservation, unlike restoration work, aims to preserve a piece while still revealing its history and original construction.

A woman whose entire existence is defined by her roles as wife and mother, Susan finds her life intolerable.

Offstage, however, no one would ever mistake Stockard Channing for Susan.The area of loss was then aligned on the exterior of the gown and sewn with threads pulled from polyester Stabiltex using a laid and couched stitch technique.Two weak areas found along the center front of the skirt were covered with Stabiltex to again create a sandwich of the layers of the material.Tripping into the Russian Tea Room in stiletto high heels and a very short, very tight skirt, Ms.Channing is unrecognizable as the star of ''Woman in Mind,'' the Alan Ayckbourn play at the Manhattan Theater Club.Mendel jumpsuit, Emma hot-footed it back to LA looking pretty and preppy in her grungy muted wares.


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