Updating 1960 s kitchen

However, she adds: ‘The house did tick all the other boxes we wanted.

Then fill the holes from the hinges and paint the bases. With a little practice, you can apply a glaze over the paint to make them quite fancy looking. If you don't do it right, it will peel or wear off and look terrible in short order.

I'd visit a really good paint store (not Lowes or Home Depot) to get advice.

A flat door would look better than what you currently have (sorry) and then you could get some cool retro or more modern hardware.

Both options would cost a lot less than getting all new cabinets, especially if the boxes are in good shape. The doors actually have a raised moulding, not a routed out portion that can be filled. If you got other estimates, how did he compare in price?

Especially the shows where they are fixing up houses for sale.

For new doors (or other suggestions), contact Pilgrim Cabinet Works in Simpsonville.

They can tell you how to prep the cabinets and sell you a super durable paint.

The Benjamin Moore store in Mauldin is really good for this. Most of these suggestions will require both time and patience. I have a great deal of skill and experience at this type of thing because I have patience and and time but not a lot of money. I've gotten many ideas from watching HGTV, where they often redo things on a budget.

Serisouly, if you have a few cabinets like this, or if you are a kitchen cabinets designer /contractor and know a kitchen remodel you'll be doing with these cabinets, please let me know. One thing you might consider is replacing the doors. There are local cabinet companies that can make new doors for you at a fraction of the cost of replacing the cabinets.

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