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Here is one of the sample methods that gets SQL Server instances asynchronously.

updating a datagridview-57

When I do an update, and get to the Grid View1_Row Updating, there is no value passed to "ID", and then when I go to the next row for "Company" I get the following error: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.

Parameter name: index Any idea what I need to do to fix this issue? It is very useful to us in practical in our collage project.

In my previous project, I implemented the same architecture and .

NET 2.0 provides the The following two functions load the data and bind it to a Data Grid View.

A switch case statement manages the behavior of different call backs.

I have designed this application with Sql Command Builder because I have some questions about using Sql Command Builder.

I tried to bind a temporary datatable object to Data Grid View and then update the main table, but I was not able to do so.

I used the adapter's Fill() method, which takes the starting record and number of records as input parameters with dataset.

I use this feature to get all tables from the selected database.

Delegates are the best practices to design the async architectures because most things are handled internally by CLR and you do not have to bother much about them.

The last parameter is a boolean value which tells the method whether to execute an Insert (false) or Update (true). In-order to perform Edit and Update in Grid View we need to use three events ( Grid View_Row Editing, Grid View_Row Canceling Edit , Grid View_Row Updating).


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