Updating an oak kitchen

If you have a house circa 1905, this is the kitchen that should be in it!

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The only way to choose the right colour every time is to combine my system of understanding undertones with the most indispensable colour tool available.If I walk into a kitchen that has dark brown cabinets, I know it was installed in the last 10 years.If it’s an orangy, ginger coloured, shaker style cabinet, I know that it was installed in the late 90’s early 2000, if the cabinets are oak (keep reading), well you get the picture!Quilted steel insulation panels, covering the Sub-Zero refrigerator, should be available at any sheet metal shop.The antique butcher block by the island is on casters, so it can go anywhere it’s needed. It’s simply the most timeless look and the one you’d least tire of over the years.


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