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If you wish to connect a Serial cable to a PC or Laptop USB port, Astronomiser sell Serial to USB converters which are guaranteed to work in all astronomy applications. Sky Fi is designed to work with i Phone and Mac apps to control your telescope using Sky Safari planetarium software, but it works by establishing a wi-fi connection and giving the Sky Fi unit an IP address.

This means that it will work as a virtual COM port (as a USB to Serial adapter does).

To connect your ST-4 Guide Camera's control box to your telescope mount This cable is configured DB15 (Control box 'relay' port) to 6 pin RJ11/ RJ12 'Guider' or 'CCD' connector on telescope mount for the standard and SS2K versions, and going to a 6 pin mini DIN plug for the Takahashi cable - please check with your mount's manual for compatibility.

Software such as HW VSP3 will allow you to set a virtual serial port address (i.e., COM5) for the Sky Fi device and then it can be run wirelessly from a PC or laptop meaning that not only can you control your mount from planetarium software, you can send guiding corrections.

Meade Celestron Sky Watcher Sky Sensor 2000 Losmandy Gemini and Gemini 2 ST-4 Guider Meade...

All cables are made using strong thermoplastic or ABS DB9 shells or in the case of the 'performance' cables, tough die-cast metal.

Cables are FCC68 data rated multi copper cored with tough black PVC outer insulation.

The developer of Fire Starter, the popular Fire TV home screen replacement app that was recently blacklisted by Amazon, has decided on a new direction for his app.

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The performance cable has a metal serial connector - mini DIN connectors are not available in die-cast metal but the mini DIN connector has an internal steel shield. For Losmandy Gemini & Gemini 2 units - please ensure that you select the correct cable for your Gemini unit.

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