Updating facebook via twitter help consolidating my debt

You can then decide which tweets will be posted to your Facebook wall.

To do this, go to your notifications page by clicking ‘ is unchecked.

Authenticate your Twitter account and all status updates will now be automatically pushed from Facebook to Twitter.

An advantage that the Twitter App has over Selective Tweets is that it includes a direct link to your Twitter account.

To use Smart Twitter, you must first grant the application access to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

After granting the app permission to access your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’re ready to share your tweets with your Facebook friends.

Unlike Selective Tweets, all of your tweets will be posted, with the exception of @ replies and direct messages.While clearly not as popular, there are also some options on how to post your Facebook status updates to your Twitter feed, whether from your Facebook page or personal profile.A third option yet is to post to both networks simultaneously using a third party application.The tweet will also include your Facebook name which is less than ideal, but may be a small price to pay for the automated service.If you run a Facebook fan page, Facebook makes it easy to share all of your Facebook updates directly on Twitter, by linking your page to Twitter.Do you have any tips on how to update both social media networks simultaneously? Nancy is a writer, photographer and editor, living in the DC area with her husband, their greyhound Ella, and Italian greyhound Oliver.


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