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This architecture change has added some extra work for the JRE in some cases and may occasionally result in slower initial load times.

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This will often be reported as GSX Web Enabler is not updating, or not refreshing or frozen.

The browser is saving the applet files locally and it does not reflect any changes from the server, so below we describe how to delete any existing cached files and change the Java settings to prevent data caching.

A separate Java Applet certificate is required to sign the MFTIS transfer applet.

To obtain a new applet certificate from the CA, a certificate request must be issued.

For General Performance Related Tips and Tricks on Webi, please see this SCN Doc DOC - Tips for Optimizing the Performance of Web Intelligence Documents Some of the older versions of the Rich Internet Applet (RIA) did unnecessary codebase lookups which could add additional load time as the applet attempted to search needlessly for some classes or resources.

The following versions include a new parameter; That reduces the time spent trying to look for classes in the classpath.

This meant that each time the applet loaded for a client, only 1 check would be done to validate that the applet was, or was not, available in the local JRE cache.

This also meant that only 1 check would be done for security measures such as Online Certificate Revocation.

The following table describes the properties that can be set in the Must be "true" to prompt users to update the JRE when an out-of-date JRE is found on their system. Note: To ensure that the expiration check is disabled, use the file, open the Java Control Panel before starting an application to ensure that the native cache is synchronized with the file.

Otherwise, the change might be ignored the first time an application is started.

Ive made a simple applet that display a helloworld, but when i change the code to new message, the browser does not change.

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