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Some of you may have read my previous experience installing OS X Tiger on “whitebox” computers.

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To be honest I have no idea whether or not AGPGart is needed or helpful (or problematic even? It’s really tough to find additional info on a lot of these options above and beyond the short writeups included in the installer. Eventually the computer restarted, and just kept restarting over and over.

Third, I went back to trying the Kalyway installer.

A little background here – there were Natit vs NVinject options.

I read in a thread that NVinject was newer which is why I used it.

First, I needed the “post install patch file” which there’s a link to in the “What you’ll need” section.

I extracted the files to a USB memory stick, and then followed these instructions from the site: After reboot, if the system boots into Leopard fine, ignore this part and head to next section to setup multi boot.

Leave a comment with your thoughts if you are missing something.

And please tell us about images, Kalyway hackintosh 10.5.3 combo update videos and links if you read interesting articles / blog posts that you think we should know about.

However the stuff from the USB memory stick was obviously what was needed to fix whatever the issue was.

For anyone who ends up doing the same thing and is more of a “copy/paste” sort of person when following instructions, note that anywhere you see “disk Xs Y”, you have to put in your own disk number for X and partition number for Y.

Otherwise, you might encounter blinking cursor or HFS Error, follow the steps below then If you install Leopard without Tiger first, the system might still boot into Windows instead or leave a system unbootable at all.


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