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Le seul problme que jai avec cet appareil cest quen franais le clavier est lent mais je nai pas retrouv ce problme en anglai. I better start off by saying, this is the best phone I ever had. It has been almost two months since Verizon introduced its “Next” web site, where they touted the Samsung Juke, Blackberry Pearl, LG Venus and the Voyager.

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This is not mentioned anywhere in the review and it really should be unless your audience is only LG afficionados or en V users. Is there a way to use the speakerphone with the phone closed?

I was very disappointed with the volume and qaulity of the speakerphone.

Since then, anticipation and speculation has been growing around the Voyager, and we are pleased to say that it has finally been released.

The Voyager is an upgrade from the en V, which was introduced around this time last year.

The best way to explain it is that it feels like the screen is not touch sensitive but that something behind the screen is.

It feels like you have to push through the screen (which squishes) to get to the touch pad. I really wanted to like the voyager but my first impression of the things that count (touch screen, speakerphone, usability, speed etc) was a big blech.I thought we buying good phones, new technology, that would at least last for a three year contract.....are you offering a three year contract when the phones are useless in a year and why didn't the phone get replaced by LG is this is a "common Problem" with these phones? There must be some techs out there willing to repair phones for less than what you are charging without guarantees. No application available other then Msn or other email tricks. Can not downlaod your personnal ring tone, have to be purcahsed from ypur supplier.Dialling voice command , did stop using it, never the right name, prompt for weard option.I'm honestly suprised of the almost universal love given to the voyager in the initial cnet and phonearena reviews.Given the buzz and the cost I expected the phone to wow me at first touch.I believe that feature is available on less featureful phones such as the venus/chocalate.


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