Updating microchip details dating a cop

If you need to update your dog microchip or cat microchip please do not leave it until your pet goes missing!

The Pet Address search engine allows you to search for the microchip number of a pet in various animal databases.

Simply type the microchip number in the search field; then click to search.

The purpose of this website and campaign is to encourage pet owners to update their pet's Micro Chip details on the 24hr UK PETtrac pet Micro Chip Database.

Sadly it is all too common that pet owners move address or change telephone numbers and forget to notify PETtrac of their new contact details.

Whatever the situation, a new owner means that the contact information is going to be completely different, so the records on the chip should reflect this. Unless the person implanting the microchip did it for you, this is the number you need to call to make sure that people will actually get your contact information when they scan the chip.

How to update First things first — microchips never get taken out, and the people who put it in your dog usually don’t have anything to do with updating it. Essentially, you’re calling the number to turn the chip on. If you don’t know the manufacturer, you can look it up at the American Animal Hospital Association website.

Click here to generate a change of keeper form now Upon receipt of the paperwork PETtrac will update your pet's Micro Chip record and issue a new certificate to you.

Download a new registration form, print it off, complete it and post or fax it through to the UK PETtrac Database.

Click here if you would like to sign up for a FREE email reminding you to update your details once a year.

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