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Yeah, I’m totally going to be that cool Uncle, one day.And for the first time since I started these updates, my net worth actually decreased! Cash Savings: ,698 ( 7) Another month, another month where I struggle to pull the trigger on a new car purchase. I’ve probably lost a few hundred dollars in dividend payments by not having this money invested for the last 8 months while I waver back and fourth on which car to get.

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Updating money is it real

$3,000 in losses sounds a little scarier than a 5% drop in the market over a month, which is what’s going on here.

In either case, the smart investor is in it for the long haul though, so the only immediate impact this has on my life is making future stock investments even cheaper. If you’re looking for what I invest my money in, this is it.

My affirmations are: I enjoy moving, I no longer resent movement, I love moving. It would be fun to see what your emotional response column says? And I resent being forced to move or do something even more. This resentment is so overwhelming it has caused persistent pain for over a month.

Elvi created a powerful affirmation yesterday: Spirit enjoys being Elvi. Babaji calls His incarnation dramas – Divine Sports. It is ok to be noticed and honored and loved and appreciated. I often can move the pain out with fire and breathing in the bath.

Why is parting with several thousands of my dollars proving so painful? Decisiveness in business is important, and I’ve been anything but on this one.

Vanguard Account: ,989 (-3,112) The stock market fell during the last month of October, and continued its drop during the first week of November.My vanguard account consists of two funds: At month end, VTSAX had about ,000 invested and VGSLX had about ,000.Merrill Lynch Brokerage: ,084 (-1,133) I haven’t invested money into this account for years, so this decline is also mostly the overall drop in the market.Plus, the drop in the market just means my contributions are buying further and further discounted stocks. Rent Payable: 0 (-) I did a little experiment during October.I refused to turn on my heater, no matter how cold it got in my apartment. I’m all for being frugal, but I think I’ll run the heater stress free moving forward…Analyzing your net worth can be an enlightening exercise, and you just may surprise yourself.

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