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The University aims to secure its information assets by establishing an information security strategy that will enable the implementation of a robust information security risk management system and foster good security practices across its campuses.

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The Vice Chancellor's Group is responsible for the strategic direction of information security within the University including:a) Ensuring the information security strategy aligns with University objectives.b) Endorsing the implementation of approved policies, processes, standards and procedures.c) Resourcing and supporting information security initiatives.d) Ensuring risks are mitigated to acceptable levels.

The IT Strategy Board will be responsible for:a) Ensuring that information security is properly managed across the University.b) Driving the allocation of resources and supporting the implementation of information security initiatives.c) Engaging with the Information Assurance and Security Committee (IASC) to facilitate an information security awareness culture in the University.

The applicable laws include but are not limited to:a) Data Protection Act (1998)b) Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988)c) Computer Misuse Act (1990)d) Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and Prevent Duty Guidance: for Higher Education Institutions in England and Wales e) Public Interest Disclosure Act f) Computer related legislation g) Other relevant legislations that may influence this policy The Information Security Policy is related to the University's data privacy, risk and information management policies to facilitate the implementation of relevant requirements set out in the related policies in order to assure compliance with the statutory laws that govern these policies.

These policies include:a) Data Protection Policy b) Information and Records management Policyc) Archiving Policyd) Risk Management Policy All users of University information assets must comply with the Information Security Policy and supplementary policies, processes, standards, procedures and guidelines and must also keep abreast of updates to these policies.

g) To ensure that the University meets relevant audit and statutory requirements.

h) To ensure there is an efficient disaster recovery plan in place.

University of Greenwich information assets are valuable to its objectives.

The confidentiality, integrity and availability of University information assets are essential to the success of its operational and strategic activities.

The objectives of the Information Security Policy are:a) To ensure that University information assets are available when required to authorised users.


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