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After installing the combo update, you'll need to reinstall these drivers.

You can do this by re-running Multibeast (or whatever driver installation package you prefer).

updating osx 10 4-51

Instead, it is best to wait a few days for the Hackintosh "community" to test the update first.

The simplest source for keeping up to date with news on Mac OS X updates is tonymacx86

For instance, if you're looking for the combo update to Mac OS X 10.8.4, simply search "10.8.4 combo update".

The official page from Apple tends to be the first search result.

The update includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac, the company says.

The update is available as a 128MB download for Intel Macs and a 67.9MB download for Power PC Macs which are running Mac OS X 10.4.10.

Every time there is a major system update, the administrators on tonymacx86 will make a news post on the front page of their website.

As the community learns more about a particular system update, this news post will list all relevant information about the update in a convenient and sequential manner. However, there are always exceptions-- for instance, the OS X 10.8.2 update broke a hardware monitoring kext that caused certain Hackintoshes to become unbootable.

This is a useful option when you need to update multiple computers but only want to download the update once.

Manual installers are available from Apple Support Downloads.

Not everything will be affected-- for instance, you probably won't need to reinstall your bootloader, except for really big updates (such as the jump from Mavericks to Yosemite).

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