Updating ports bsd 8

The yum command line tool is used to install and update software packages under Cent OS / RHEL / Fedora Linux.

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Free BSD is a powerful operating system capable of functioning in a variety of roles.

This is a good method of quickly acquiring software, but it forfeits the level of customization provided by the ports system.

You can learn more about how to manage software packages in this guide.

The portmaster command line tool is used to install and update software packages. Most of the actions listed in this FAQ are written with the assumption that they will be executed by the root user running the csh or bash shell. Only run this command to initialize your portsnap-maintained ports tree for the first time: Open /usr/ports/UPDATING file using a text editor and read information regarding your applications.

This file describes various issues and additional steps users may encounter and need to perform when updating a port, including such things as file format changes, changes in locations of configuration files, or other such incompatibilities with previous versions.We can update the ports tree using a utility called If you see this, it means that you do not have a ports tree initialized on your system.If this is the case, continue onto the next section to learn how to extract an initial ports tree onto your system using .While you can install and use alternatives to the bundled software, you cannot easily or safely remove the ones that are included in the base system as these are considered functionally essential parts of the operating system.In contrast, optional software is managed using different processes, tools, and locations within the filesystem.In order to follow along with this guide, you should have access to a Free BSD 10.1 server and a non-root user account with privileges.


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