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Here is the guide.k RO Ragnarok Manual Patcher: (150kb)Site 01: ftp://2.32/pub/ragnarok/Patch/(From Official Ragnarok Patch Server)Site 02: (Filefront Mirror)Manual Patching Instructions - Ragnarok After you have downloaded the Ragnarok patches and manual patcher,extract (or unzip, it depends on the program you use) the patches and copy the manual patcher into your Ragnarok Install folder.

The Ragnarok Install folder if you didn't change it during installation is: C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO\Run the manual patcher (Patchup.exe) and the patcher will verify the Ragnarok patches and repack the entire file Repacking may take a few minutes because of the number and size of the patches It may look like your computer has frozen, but don't restart or turn off your computer whilerepacking, you will corrupt your entire and will have to reinstall Ragnarok again.

Use the link to report bug to the r Athena project if you have to.

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GPF files (Gravity Patch File)They should be near the top of the folder if you Sort By Name Now use the normal Ragnarok patcher when patching from now on.

Now you should be fully patched and shouldn't have any missing file error or crashes while playing.***Re-applying Previous Updates for Ragnarok: If your k RO Ragnarok doesn't patch and goes to "start game" or says it can't find a "weird symbol" file, I recommend you to download the latest k RO installer and re-install k RO Ragnarok, but if thats not possible you can make the patcher reapply all the patches, only use this as a last resort if everything else fails.

If you do this method you need the patches for 0117 to 0530, 0530 to 07 to 0725 (you can find download links to all these above)If you still have errors --Upload the files for Ragnarok 0117 filefront, just download it and extract to your install folder and overwrite the old file, then run the manual patcher.

This will make the patcher to detect you have Ragnarok 0117 installed and will re-apply all the patches from that date and after.Cleaning Up after patching Ragnarok Now you need to clean up after manually patching Ragnarok.In your Ragnarok install folder, find and delete all .To download the latest client package, read this topic in our forum for details.This new client package now includes the English items and skills translated files. Installers older then 0117 (from 2006) are not recommended to be manual patched, please re-download the latest installer.*** Sakray ***k RO Sakray Manual Patch Packsk RO Sakray Installer Updates:0117 to 0221 (14mb): to 0328 (10mb): to 0425 ( 6mb): to 0530 (53mb): to 0710 (47mb): RO Sakray Batch Packs:0117 to 0530 (80mb): update k RO Sakray 0117, 0221, 0328, 0425 to 0530)Latest k RO Sakray Patches (0711 to Latest) RO Sakray Patch Server: ftp://2.32/pub/ragnarok/Sak Patch/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The above method does work better, but if you prefer, you may use the manual patcher.


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