Updating server data html without refresh

Or the easiest way is a F5 keystroke, which is what most of us probably use.If you are using a data Extract then the refresh is a bit different, as F5 only refreshes the view, not the Extract.

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(Note: Java Script API does not work for Desktop.) Here’s the script Hugh put together to refresh data every 3 seconds (3,000 milliseconds).

Replace the parts in bold with your own specifics and you’re good to go.

The added benefit of this approach is that you can rotate through several different dashboards/views.

In an environment where the data shown in the table can be updated at the server-side, it is often useful to be able to reload the table, showing the latest data.

:refresh=yes then a F5 keystroke will refresh both your browser view and the data connection at the same time.

(Make sure to delete the #1 at the end of your URL before adding the refresh parameter or it won’t work.)] The most common way to refresh your data in Server is to click the refresh icon at the top of the view: Again, remember clicking your browser reload icon will NOT refresh your data (unless you edited your URL).

The Updater app automates many of the steps of upgrading an Nextcloud installation.

It is useful for installations that do not have root access, such as shared hosting, for installations with a smaller number of users and data, and it automates updating Downgrading is not supported and risks corrupting your data!

However, if you have a slow data connection like I was dealing with, then Bill came up with a clever idea for dealing with this situation.

He reasoned that if we pre-load several tabs with our views and then use an Auto Hot Key script to cycle through the tabs, then the slow loading pages would load before they reached the view position. I ended up using a modified version of his script to cycle through 16 tabs, and most of the time the pages do load prior to being cycled into view (yes this particular database is a real dog). :refresh=yes parameter to the end of your URLs in the Excel file or your data won’t get refreshed, just your views will be refreshed.

Also if you change that third line from the bottom to 300,000 it will refresh every 5 minutes.

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