Updating squidguard blacklist

Whether you need to do basic URL filtering on your home network or you need to create complex rules for a large public network Squid Guard can do the job.

If you're new to pf Sense I would recommend reading through the introduction to pf Sense guide first.

Squid Guard can be installed using the pf Sense package manager.

We do not password the blacklist download to keep scripts simple for all users. Automated Download You can obtain a script to do the download and update Dans Guardian automatically from here: BL.

The original one can be downloaded here: Update BL.

Please note we are unable to provide support on these scripts.

They are provided in the hope that some people might find them useful.

It does not get updated like the regular blacklist.

Entries At the last build the blacklist now contains 4578716 entries.

To access the package manager click on packages in the system menu.

Select the available packages tab and scroll down until you find Squid Guard, then click the plus symbol next to the description to begin the installation.

type=download&file=bigblacklist The modified date and md5 information be obtained from:


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