Updating the new zealand emissions trading scheme

It enables post-1989 forest owners to receive carbon units through the creation of new permanent forests.

Permanent Forest Sink Initiative The You do not have permission to access this document.

Forestry is important in helping New Zealand meet its international climate change obligations.

updating the new zealand emissions trading scheme-68

The introduction of an emissions trading scheme (ETS) raises measurement issues for a national statistics office.

There has been considerable thinking internationally on how to best reflect schemes of this type.

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Stuart Frazer was appointed as an Independent Specialist Advisor to the New Zealand Parliament's Emissions Trading Review Select Commitee together with Julia Hoare and Chris Karameas Insley. Christchurch, New Zealand A report issued in response to a request from the Finance and Expenditure Select Commitee reviewing the then draft NZ ETS legislation.

Forest land is classified differently depending on when it was first established – pre-1990 and post-1989 forest land.

This is land that: Note, land that was indigenous forest land on 31 December 1989, and remained so on 31 December 2007, is not pre-1990 forest land and is not subject to ETS obligations.Download their report here: Specialist Advisers's Report to the Emissions Trading Review Committee (A Comparison of The EU ETS and the proposed NZ ETS - An Analysis from Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd and Frazer Lindstrom Ltd. Download the report here: A Comparison of The EU ETS and the Proposed NZ ETS ( Frazer Lindstrom assisted Castalia through provision of technical input on international carbon trading and the state of international carbon markets.Download the report here: NZETS: How do we make it work?Find out how you can earn carbon credits through the ETS.MPI administers the ETS for forestry, along with the Ministry for the Environment (Mf E) and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).( Business NZ Frazer Lindstrom to define the Terms of Reference for a project to develop the framework for emissions trading in New Zealand.


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