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Because of cultural and demographic reasons there are many young women looking abroad for love.And if you are looking for Uzbekistan girls for marriage then you are in luck.

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Uzbek society is at heart conservative and the influence of Islam remains a strong presence in the country.

Despite these influences, Uzbek men recognize two distinct types of women – the ones you marry and the ones you have sex with.

A western man on the other hand with even a fairly standard job can offer a life that is for many of these women almost unimaginable.

Even the simple pleasures of watching a movie and eating in a nice restaurant will seem quite special to these women.

There is a gay scene, albeit extremely underground.

For the adventurous international dater Uzbekistan offers a lot of untapped potential.

It is usual for the bride to have her friends as ‘helpers’ to ensure that these requirements are met.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uzbekistan – you can be imprisoned for sodomy.

Not every Uzbek girl fits the standard haired mould however.

There are a number of different nationalities in this country with for example 5% of the population being Russian.

There is a thriving prostitution scene in Uzbekistan.


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